Thoughts on violence in Mexico? How do you think the VDR could be lowered? Feel free to comment below.

Current VDR: 1.9  Life Expectancy: 81

Average VDR over nation’s history: 10.2 

Average VDR over current life expectancy: 6.4 

Lifetime Chance Of Dying By Someone Else’s Hands (2008 rate): 1/646

Lifetime Chance Of Dying By Someone Else’s Hands (Duration of Life Expectancy): 1/193

Average Military Death Rate over Nation’s History:

Average Homicide/Execution Rate over Nation’s History:

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Category Of VDR- # of Years-% of Nation’s History-Year of Last Occurrence


DECIMATION– 3 (2.1%) 1917

EXTREME UPHEAVAL– 2 (1.4%) 1944

EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF– 3 (2.1%) 1945

WATCH YOUR BACK– 1 (.7%) 1942


SOMEWHAT STABLE– 1 (.7%) 1941


LOW LIKELIHOOD– 5 (3.5%) 1953

PEACEFUL– 31 (22.0%) 2005

UTOPIA– 95 (67.4%) 2008

Unfortunately, violent deaths in Mexico are much more prevalent than authorities would have you believe. While you will often hear quoted a rate of around 10-13/100,000 per year being murdered officially, that doesn’t include the enormous number of “non-intentional” homicides in Mexico, which make up almost half of the true total.