Thoughts on violence in Germany? How do you think the VDR could be lowered? Feel free to comment below.

Current VDR: 1.9 Life Expectancy: 80

Average VDR over nation’s history: 67.1

Average VDR over current life expectancy: 113.8

Lifetime Chance Of Dying By Someone Else’s Hands (2008 rate): 1/658

Lifetime Chance Of Dying By Someone Else’s Hands (Duration of Life Expectancy): 1/11

Average Military Death Rate over Nation’s History: 65.6

Average Homicide/Execution Rate over Nation’s History: 1.5

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Category Of VDR# of Years-% of Nation’s History-Year of Last Occurrence

OBLITERATION10 (5.2%) 1945




WATCH YOUR BACK1 (.5%) 1939




LOW LIKELIHOOD2 (1.0%) 1849

PEACEFUL49 (25.5%) 2007

UTOPIA128 (66.7%) 2008

For the time being I am going to start official German history at 1816. This was the year after the final downfall of Napoleon, who’s era is considered the last one in which the vague entity known as The Holy Roman Empire existed. Thereafter, the German states stayed parceled off in their own autonomous regions, until the war against Napoleon’s nephew led to their combination into the modern German state (1871)… assist goes to Otto Von Bismark on that one.

There are numerous interesting, and brutal periods in Germanic history of the middle ages. And I would like to add statistics for those German speaking provinces previous to 1816… but reliable data is going to be hard to come by. Not only is there the usual problem with attempting to estimate proper war casualties, and homicide rates… but what Duchys and City-States even qualify as “German” is not a cut and dry issue. If anyone out there can supply me with links to relavant stat tables, or books on the subject, it would be massively appreciated.

German Homicide and military deaths

German Violent Death History is ludicrously dominated by the casualties it endured in World Wars 1 and 2. So much so that the chart above has admittedly little value.

Domestic Manslaughters of Germany Rate

Here is a more detailed Homicide and Manslaughter history of Germany, to go with the Military side. True to the popular perception, Germany is a very orderly and well behaved society the vast majority of the time. They have never really had a problem with spiking homicide rates, except at the beginning of the First World War. The large sustained domestic manslaughter deaths of World War 2 were almost entirely due to the large numbers of state executions that took place under the Third Reich. In this website, deaths related to the Holocaust are lumped in with the military casualties of the war… not just for Germany, but for all European nations.

The large though brief spike in military deaths in 1870 was the result of the Franco-Prussian war. The vast majority of the fighting took place in 1870, with the early part of 1871 spent besieging Paris, which didn’t cost much from a military casualty stand point. Since World War 2 Germany has engaged in no military operations above the peace keeping level.

German Population Graph

In the above chart we see the recent population history of Germany. Notice the leveling off of growth in the past 15 years or so… it’s one of the most studied trends in European demographics today. Present day estimates are hinting to Germany being overtaken by (most likely) the United Kingdom as the most populated European country, if one doesn’t include Russia. Germany has not had a very healthy birth rate for quite awhile… and at least compared to the UK, they are far from immigration friendly.